Hunches and Feelings

In speaking with other physicists, I have noticed that some of the most productive avenues to go down is to share feelings and hunches about a particular phenomenon. These intuitions are not usually written down anywhere because sometimes they are pure speculation. Therefore, it is important to talk, share and be open to suggestions from others.

Once in a while, there are opinion pieces in journals that are quite interesting to read where physicists do share these very speculations. Here is one example of this from Nature Physics where some prominent theorists working on high-temperature superconductivity have shared some ideas. I have to say that reading this piece gave me a couple ideas for experiments — and these are the kinds of articles that are the most likely to do so. This article is 10 years old, however, and some ideas may be a little dated.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that articles like these are not very common, even though they can be of immense value. I think this is a format that journals should pursue more widely, and I urge them to seek out pieces like these in the future.

Comments and opinions regarding this issue are encouraged.

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