Neil Degrasse Tyson Vs. Rapper B.o.B

Hip-hop artist B.o.B has recently been on a one-man mission on Twitter and other social media platforms trying to tell everyone that the world is flat. Here is Neil Degrasse Tyson’s response on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

For those of you outside the US that may not be able to view the previous video, here is a slightly curtailed version.

4 responses to “Neil Degrasse Tyson Vs. Rapper B.o.B

  1. As Degrasse Tyson quoted Newton on the video, I just want to quote Einstein:

    “Furthermore, this impatient, greedy attitude is responsible more than anything else for the excessive stupidity we find in the world. Just as such people have no patience to chew up real food, so they do not take sufficient time to “chew up” mental food.” (taken from

    Anyway, I think B.o.B is just an “extreme” example of that!

    ps. Because I’m Latino, I must say that Neil Degrasse Tyson tiene menos ritmo que una gotera.


    • I’ve been trying to think of obvious methods by which to show B.o.B that the world isn’t flat. Here’s a couple that I found:

      Show the circumference of the earth:

      The redness of the lunar eclipse is also a pretty cool method (i.e. refraction + rayleigh scattering), but I think this method would be a little sophisticated for B.o.B.


      • I tried to post this earlier, but somehow it did not come through.
        Tyson’s illustrious predecessor had a much more educational approach:

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  2. DK, thank you for the video. That’s an incredible pedagogical explanation! I believe that even B.o.B. can understand that.


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